Atmospheric Water Generators

AID WATER GLOBAL, LLC, a Texas-based company, is the first company to design and manufacture the highly-intelligent, highly-efficient, and highest water-producing equipment using the most innovative technology in water generation from the atmosphere.

The most advanced technology developed by AID WATER GLOBAL is based on the principle of dehumidifying the humid air to produce high quality and low mineralization water which has been certified by the USA authorities, having passed the relevant health checks and received, therefore, the mandatory National Register of Health, ensuring hygienic conditions and quality of the product.


A Critical Advantage with an Intelligent System

  • AIDWG - Designer / Manufacturer
  • Documented Field Test by Trinity University and Lab Tested by LCRA
  • Highly Intelligent Systems with High Efficiency Performance
  • Water is Clean with Low Mineralization Prior to Treatment
  • Low Energy Consumption and Renewable Energy
  • WATER PREPAREDNESS - Generate Clean Water Day and Night
  • Broadest Range and Most Stable Operating Equipment During Dry, Hot and Cold Climate
  • Low Maintenance
  • Patented / Patents Pending